Play Car Competitions with Purple Prizes

Play Car Competitions with Purple Prizes

When it comes to all things outdoors there is Purple Prizes. Might sound a bit odd, but read on. Purple Prizes offers you the chance to win dream cars in their car raffles and competition giveaways. There are a good few companies in the UK offering this type of ticket based competition, but with Purple you’ll find amazing odds and far more winners! The car competitions that they run are really amazing. Epic cars, motorcycles, gadgets and tech.

It is such a straightforward process:

  1. Choose the competition you want to enter
  2. Answer the question
  3. Select your favourite ticket number
  4. Complete the checkout
  5. Wait for the competition to finish
  6. Check on Facebook for the live draw!

That is it, so simple and straightforward and you can interact with them via their Facebook page.

Head over to Purple Prizes, enter one of their ‘win a car competitions’ and you could be driving it within the week!

Moving Day Survival Kit

Organising a Moving Day Survival Kit in advance of your actual move will remove rather a lot of unnecessary stress from a moving day. There is always so much to think about, oversee and organise. It is therefore wise to set aside some things that will smooth your path.


  1. Keep items you will transport separate from the main man and van house move.
  2. Pack an overnight bag for every family member containing a change of clothes and some other personal items.
  3. Keep an essential family toiletries bag

From the Kitchen

  1. A mug, plate and cutlery for each family member (alternatively go for paper plates, paper cups etc)
  2. Kettle: You’re going to need libation for the day
  3. Coffee: Per each family member’s preferences.
  4. Tea: Per each family member’s preferences. After all the UK seems to run on its tea.
  5. Sugar: Sugar for the tea and coffee. Wouldn’t want sour faces all over the house
  6. Bottled Water: It’s always wise to have a certain amount
  7. Teaspoons: It is never a wonderful idea to try and stir hot beverages with a pinky
  8. Takeaway menus: Takeaway Menus are a small mercy on moving day, it just means that someone has to be available to receive and distribute the food when it arrives.
  9. Snacks: Snacks are always a good idea where people are working relatively hard. It’ll keep everyone’s spirits as well as their blood sugar up.
  10. First Aid Kit: The First Aid kit is quite possibly one of the most important items on the list (aside from coffee obviously), accidents happen when a home is a hive of activity. Make sure that all the bandages are in good condition and that the various ointments and antiseptics are within their expiry dates. Band aids always come in handy.


  1. Bed Linen: Blankets and sheets are necessities when arriving at the new home. It would be a tragedy not to be able to sleep in something decent. If all else fails, sleeping bags are just as good.
  2. Phone & Chargers: In today’s modern world we would be lost without our phones. Keep it fully charged to make sure that you are reachable for any eventuality.


  1. Soap: To wash dirty hands and faces post moving activities
  2. Towels: Drip drying after a trying day is on no-one’s to do list. It’s also no fun trying to look for packed up towels when everyone is bushed.
  3. Toilet Paper: Running out of toilet paper is tragic indeed, keep a few rolls on hand just in case.
  4. Toiletries


  1. Basic tool kit

Aluminium Guttering Systems

Aluminium is a perfect metal for outdoor applications such as rain guttering because of its outstanding qualities such as strength, durability, anti-corrosion properties and sustainability. Long lasting durable materials like that of aluminium offer reduced life time costs as the requirement for repair and replacements is overall less. Therefore, these lower maintenance needs are an important factor to consider when it comes to guttering as accessing guttering can often be awkward and difficult. A plumbing company will obviously be a cost if you get them to carry out cleaning and maintenance, especially if above 2 storeys high. Some companies out there such as The Aluminium Guttering Company based in Surrey offer some of the most durable cost effective aluminium guttering system available in the world. With virtually zero maintenance required and a life span of over 50 years, they truly offer a first class product. Have a look at their aluminium guttering systems, whether it is aluminium box guttering, extruded aluminium guttering or Ogee aluminium guttering, they offer all these systems.

At The Aluminium Guttering Company they use extruded and marine grade cast aluminium that are significantly more cost effective than steel or iron guttering system. Additionally, aluminium systems are also much more resistant, stronger and lighter.

The Aluminium Guttering Company Ranges


The Ultimate aluminium guttering range brings together the amazing durable properties of aluminium and the efficiency of simplicity of installation of plastic PVC systems. The Ultimate range is offered in several different profiles to cater for all types of homes and building. Whether it is for performance or aesthetics or a combinations. Options include Deepflow, Ogee, Half round and Box guttering.


This range of traditional style is bolted guttering and is an ideal, almost like for like replacement of cast iron guttering. Traditional style is perfect of the replacement of guttering on listed, period or traditional style new builds. It combines the inherent benefits of aluminium – low maintenance and longevity. This range is manufactured to the same dimensions of cast iron British Standards and is available in 3 different profiles of Half Round, Ogee Moulded and Ogee Victorian.


The Reptile range offers 2 distinctive yet unique design solutions. One is the Reptile Classic Ogee which is a domestic sized aluminium Ogee system that has external brackets and unions. The other is the Boxer and Deep flow Ogee aluminium gutter profiles that have concealed brackets and internal joints/. This offers a sleek and unobtrusive solutions which is a common choice in modern design building and homes.

Aluminium Guttering Installation

The Aluminium Guttering Company guttering systems have been designed with installation in mind and have been manufactured in such a way so that the installation time is reduced and maintenance is simple if required.

aluminium guttering system

Aluminum guttering system finished on a modern house.

Aluminium Guttering Advantages

Strong, durable and lightweight

The properties of aluminium are fantastic and have many advantages over other metals. For one it is a very light metal. More than 50% lighter than the likes of cast iron or steel. It has an exceptionally high strength to weight ratio and superb corrosion resistance. Its lightweight properties make is much easier to work with on site and the Ultimate range can be installed as quickly and easily as plastic guttering systems which is another reason to choose aluminium over any other guttering option.

High Corrosion Resistance

Aluminium generates a protective oxide coating naturally which give aluminium gutters their extensive life span. With the oxide coating, if the surface gets damaged, the aluminium simply oxidises again to protect itself. With the addition of a polyester powder coating the aluminium guttering can be finished to many different styles and designs that are attractive, still durable and almost maintenance free.  In comparison to steel, where galvanising only offers limited protections, and cast iron which requires regular painting and PVC which often fades in colour. Aluminium comes out on top.

Recyclable Infinitely

Aluminium can be recycled again and again without loss of quality. Additionally the melting of aluminium requires little energy and is classed as a sustainable product.

Aluminium Guttering Can Be Used for all Building Types

Aluminium guttering can be used on all building and structures as there is a variety of designs to suit all building styles. Due to the sustainability and durability of aluminium, it is the most function and effective material that can be used for the purposes of guttering. Its low maintenance and long last features makes aluminium a cost effective guttering solution.

There are many different types and finishes depending on the building type and overall look that wants to be achieved.

Got any questions, then get in touch with us or The Aluminium Guttering Company.

Save the Environment by Going Green with Your Electrical Appliances

Are you on a green mission? Also why not save some cash at the same time, read on… Simply by making a few select choices with your next electrical appliance purchase, you can find that it really is not that hard to keep that money in your pocket and also help protect the environment at the same time!

The terminology of green can be a confusing one with several consumers as many will think that it suggests that companies use this to ultimately charge higher prices. However, what determines whether or not something really is helpful to the environment or not? This is taken directly from the website, it can be any of the following:

  • A products environmental impact
  • How the product is made
  • The best method of disposing of the product once it has reached the end of its life
  • A company’s environmental performance

With the above information noted, claims can appear in different forms, for example, by logos and imagery on the actual product or packaging, through information, through advertising and marketing.

In addition to the tried and tested ways to get the most from your electrical appliances, it is also best to recycle, re-home appliances, turn appliances off at the mains electrical socket, use lower heat settings. Our advice is to check the labels and standards to help you make a more informed green choice. For more advice on green choices and repairing your appliance before buying new visit appliance repair phoenix az.

Check Your Labels

The Energy Saving Trust is a body that rates appliances for their energy efficiency and we always recommend checking this! If you are going to by a new electrical appliance, make sure it is at the greener end of this label. The Energy Saving Trust Recommended label is only given to the more energy efficient appliances so that it is easier to understand what products will cost less to run and ultimately save you money on your electricity bill.

New Regulations Make It Easier To Buy Green

Here in the UK, the good news is that new appliance regulations will provide the consumer with more options to help save money, whilst also saving the planet. As an example:

Buying an A rated electrical appliance can save up to £60 a year when compared to a C rated appliance. To further help with the rating system, the EU has re-graded energy labels from the end of 2011 that will now state things like A+, A++ and A+++. Obviously, the greater the number of plus symbols the more energy efficient the appliance is.

Other electrical appliances such as televisions now have built in green features such as shutting off after four hours if the remote control is left untouched. Some televisions also come with ambient light sensors which adjusts the backlight of the television according to the light levels within the room. For more top energy saving tips visit Appliance Repair in Scottsdale AZ.

Environmental Consultancy Outdoors Work Related

A slightly different approach to a blog post here on Outdoor HQ, but nonetheless still relevant as it is a job that is entirely focused on the outdoors. Environmental consultancy includes reporting and project management services throughout the UK with a focus on finding the most cost effective method to meet objectives.

The range of environmental consultants services includes:

  • Geo environmental site investigation and reporting
    • Everything from desktop studies to site investigations and assessments to identify environmental risk, planning conditions and also to support EIA or planning applications.
  • Risk assessment and toxicology