Play Car Competitions with Purple Prizes

Play Car Competitions with Purple Prizes

When it comes to all things outdoors there is Purple Prizes. Might sound a bit odd, but read on. Purple Prizes offers you the chance to win dream cars in their car raffles and competition giveaways. There are a good few companies in the UK offering this type of ticket based competition, but with Purple you’ll find amazing odds and far more winners! The car competitions that they run are really amazing. Epic cars, motorcycles, gadgets and tech.

It is such a straightforward process:

  1. Choose the competition you want to enter
  2. Answer the question
  3. Select your favourite ticket number
  4. Complete the checkout
  5. Wait for the competition to finish
  6. Check on Facebook for the live draw!

That is it, so simple and straightforward and you can interact with them via their Facebook page.

Head over to Purple Prizes, enter one of their ‘win a car competitions’ and you could be driving it within the week!