Save the Environment by Going Green with Your Electrical Appliances

Are you on a green mission? Also why not save some cash at the same time, read on… Simply by making a few select choices with your next electrical appliance purchase, you can find that it really is not that hard to keep that money in your pocket and also help protect the environment at the same time!

The terminology of green can be a confusing one with several consumers as many will think that it suggests that companies use this to ultimately charge higher prices. However, what determines whether or not something really is helpful to the environment or not? This is taken directly from the website, it can be any of the following:

  • A products environmental impact
  • How the product is made
  • The best method of disposing of the product once it has reached the end of its life
  • A company’s environmental performance

With the above information noted, claims can appear in different forms, for example, by logos and imagery on the actual product or packaging, through information, through advertising and marketing.

In addition to the tried and tested ways to get the most from your electrical appliances, it is also best to recycle, re-home appliances, turn appliances off at the mains electrical socket, use lower heat settings. Our advice is to check the labels and standards to help you make a more informed green choice. For more advice on green choices and repairing your appliance before buying new visit appliance repair phoenix az.

Check Your Labels

The Energy Saving Trust is a body that rates appliances for their energy efficiency and we always recommend checking this! If you are going to by a new electrical appliance, make sure it is at the greener end of this label. The Energy Saving Trust Recommended label is only given to the more energy efficient appliances so that it is easier to understand what products will cost less to run and ultimately save you money on your electricity bill.

New Regulations Make It Easier To Buy Green

Here in the UK, the good news is that new appliance regulations will provide the consumer with more options to help save money, whilst also saving the planet. As an example:

Buying an A rated electrical appliance can save up to £60 a year when compared to a C rated appliance. To further help with the rating system, the EU has re-graded energy labels from the end of 2011 that will now state things like A+, A++ and A+++. Obviously, the greater the number of plus symbols the more energy efficient the appliance is.

Other electrical appliances such as televisions now have built in green features such as shutting off after four hours if the remote control is left untouched. Some televisions also come with ambient light sensors which adjusts the backlight of the television according to the light levels within the room. For more top energy saving tips visit Appliance Repair in Scottsdale AZ.