Moving Day Survival Kit

Organising a Moving Day Survival Kit in advance of your actual move will remove rather a lot of unnecessary stress from a moving day. There is always so much to think about, oversee and organise. It is therefore wise to set aside some things that will smooth your path.


  1. Keep items you will transport separate from the main man and van house move.
  2. Pack an overnight bag for every family member containing a change of clothes and some other personal items.
  3. Keep an essential family toiletries bag

From the Kitchen

  1. A mug, plate and cutlery for each family member (alternatively go for paper plates, paper cups etc)
  2. Kettle: You’re going to need libation for the day
  3. Coffee: Per each family member’s preferences.
  4. Tea: Per each family member’s preferences. After all the UK seems to run on its tea.
  5. Sugar: Sugar for the tea and coffee. Wouldn’t want sour faces all over the house
  6. Bottled Water: It’s always wise to have a certain amount
  7. Teaspoons: It is never a wonderful idea to try and stir hot beverages with a pinky
  8. Takeaway menus: Takeaway Menus are a small mercy on moving day, it just means that someone has to be available to receive and distribute the food when it arrives.
  9. Snacks: Snacks are always a good idea where people are working relatively hard. It’ll keep everyone’s spirits as well as their blood sugar up.
  10. First Aid Kit: The First Aid kit is quite possibly one of the most important items on the list (aside from coffee obviously), accidents happen when a home is a hive of activity. Make sure that all the bandages are in good condition and that the various ointments and antiseptics are within their expiry dates. Band aids always come in handy.


  1. Bed Linen: Blankets and sheets are necessities when arriving at the new home. It would be a tragedy not to be able to sleep in something decent. If all else fails, sleeping bags are just as good.
  2. Phone & Chargers: In today’s modern world we would be lost without our phones. Keep it fully charged to make sure that you are reachable for any eventuality.


  1. Soap: To wash dirty hands and faces post moving activities
  2. Towels: Drip drying after a trying day is on no-one’s to do list. It’s also no fun trying to look for packed up towels when everyone is bushed.
  3. Toilet Paper: Running out of toilet paper is tragic indeed, keep a few rolls on hand just in case.
  4. Toiletries


  1. Basic tool kit